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                1. bob体育官网app-bob体育电竞下载

                  SteelTailor 20th Anniversary celebration from 2020.06.08-2020.08.31. Special discount, waiting for your coming.

                  SteelTailor is engaged in Cutting and Welding business for nearly 20 years. She is one of the best known CNC cutting machine manufacturers. Our product line includes portable CNC cutting machines, plasam cutting table, laser cutting...

                  DISTRIBUTOR WANTED

                  SteelTailor Asia-Pacific regional strategic partnership recruiting now. welcome to join SteelTailor Global distribution network.!

                  More than three years sales experience related to CNC cutting machine in local market; capable of mechanical equipment installation and debugging; good skill on CNC system operation and cutting nesting software application ability; able to provide after-sale technical support for local Distribution equipment.

                  Global sales network


                  Cutting Machines


                  Globe Distributors


                  Countries Covered


                  Years of Experiences

                  bob体育官网app s

                  FREE TRAINING

                  MayFlourish CNC cutting seminar has hold successfully by SteelTailor for eight session.Welcome consultation for free.

                  Call. +86-10-51662600
                  Email. info@steeltailor.com

                  Cannes Industrial Park, No.18 Shuang Qiao Dong Lu, Chao Yang District

                  Beijing ,China. 100121


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